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Brand Story & Logo

Building a brand

Alisa Cruz worked with Dosed Goods as a Brand strategist from 2011-2018. She created the logo with storyboards for the brand receiving global recognition. Her market research and attention to detail along with thinking outside of the box gave her an edge in the cannabis industry.

-elaine wakefield

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Alisa Cruz created the logo with storyboards for the brand in a matter of days. I needed something fast and official. Her efforts put my small business in a position to be taken seriously and easily identifiable.

-moni jauregui

A unique perspective on marketing

A true intersectionalist

"...inclusive doesn't even best describe Alisa's view in marketing. She bridges gaps and cultural divides with ease and incorporates brand awareness & purpose"


Working with Alisa on the EHR/EMR was mindblowing. Blockchain technology is something she was determined to build the system on so it can easily be integrated. She easily resolved pharmacy shopping and patient safety. The integration was something that if the Big Conglomerates would of listened to, US would have a better and safer healthcare system.


Alisa is a true visionary. Her passion for healthcare and patient experience is something I always find lack in since I worked with Alisa. She knows how to set up a healthcare clinic with full modalities and in house EHR she made. It was truly a one of a kind experience. I am now a C-Suite director for the global company she built. Everyday I remind myself of her tenacity. She is my mentor, friend & true inspiration.


When we got bought out I was sad. I knew we had hit the pinnacle and Alisa being a true leader knew her capacity. She negotiated us all careers & benefits with the new company. Her vision for healthcare and how it should be carried out is something I wish I had $200M to invest in her. We would all be healthier mind.body.spirit. You meet someone like Alisa once in a lifetime. her energy is infectious and her leadership inspires.